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First-Year Seminar Course Requirement

Why the FYS Course Requirement?
HACC, like colleges around the country, has a First-Year Seminar (FYS) course requirement to help ensure your success as a student. All students must meet this requirement by either taking appropriate coursework or using the test-out option (more details about the test-out below).

Evidence exists both on the national level and in data collected by HACC to demonstrate that students who complete FYS courses (also called “student success courses”) tend to stay enrolled in college, tend to have higher grade point averages, and tend to graduate on time at levels that surpass students who don’t take FYS courses.

Therefore, since HACC places so much value on the FYS course requirement, it must be completed for a student to be eligible for graduation. In order to get the greatest benefit from your FYS course, you should take the course in your first semester.

In short, FYS courses are demonstrated to help you succeed. Their impact is far more than just the scope of the course you take: It extends across your college career and beyond. FYS courses make a difference in YOUR today and YOUR tomorrow.

How Can You Meet the FYS Course Requirement?
Take an approved FYS Course.

  • Students who test into two or more developmental courses must take a 3-credit FYS course. All other students can take either a 1-credit FYS course or a 3-credit FYS course in order to meet the FYS requirement. Your program may have the 1-credit FYS requirement built into a course that you are already taking, so you may not see a specific FYS requirement in your suggested sequence of courses. You may take a specific 1- or 3-credit FYS course by choosing a course from this list of courses: You may attempt to test out of the FYS requirement by successfully passing approved FYS exam.
  • More details about the FYS Test-out Option are available on the Placement Testing webpage.