About HACC

Institutional Effectiveness

"The effectiveness of an institution rests upon the contribution that each of the institution's programs and services makes toward achieving the goals of the institution as a whole." (Middle States Commission on Higher Education, 2006)

HACC bases our institutional practices and planning on evidence-informed decision-making. We use assessments to determine whether or not we are meeting our goals. Learn about institutional effectiveness and assessments.


What is assessment?

Assessment is:

  • A process we use to study and improve our effectiveness.
  • An opportunity to review how well we are meeting our goals.
  • Identifying what actions we can take to improve.
  • Intentional, ongoing and evidence-based improvement.


What is HACC doing to incorporate assessments?

We are working to build a culture of assessment:

  • HACC purchased an assessment management system (TK20). It serves as a repository, tracking and reporting tool. We will be implementing this state-of-the-art system in the coming year.
  • We use HACC's Assessment Showcase. This highlights how we study institutional effectiveness college-wide. It spotlights the important work we do.
  • We developed an Institutional Effectiveness Plan.
  • We created an Institutional Effectiveness Task Force.


What is the purpose of the HACC's Institutional Effectiveness Plan?

HACC's Institutional Effectiveness Plan:

  • Shows how establishing goals for institutional practices is important.
  • Determines the systems and processes for meaningful assessments.


What does the Institutional Effectiveness Task Force do?

HACC's Institutional Effectiveness Task Force:

  • Determines how to achieve healthy assessment practices.
  • Prioritizes action items.