Future students

Meet Cody: HACC Alumnus Giving Back

“HACC will move mountains to try and help you. There’s so much in place here for students to ensure that they’re successful.”

Meet Starkisha: Single Mother of Seven Achieving Her Dreams

“Once I decided to put myself first and apply to HACC, doors have been opening and I would not change my decision for the world.”

Meet Alicia: Learner Doing What’s Best For Her Future

“I really wanted to further my education after high school and do something that would impact or even just help others feel better.”

Meet Musa: Recommends HACC

“I would definitely recommend my family, friends and co-workers to HACC…”

Meet Vanish: Finding HACC Changed His Life

“I know everybody wants to go to a university to get the degree, but let me tell you going to HACC or any community college is never a bad option.” 

Meet Karitza: Learner who Transferred to HACC

“I am able to work and attend school full time, it allows me to broaden connections and truly get to know the campus and resources that many times are overlooked.”

Meet Amaris: Finishing Her Education on Her Own Terms

“I can’t imagine what my life would be like without HACC as an option, and frankly I don’t want to.”

Meet Justin: Future Nurse

“HACC has made my desire to learn increase immensely…”

Meet Zachary: Student Seeking New Career

“Going to HACC has provided me the path to get to where I want to be in my career.”

Meet Melissa: Extremely Strong Single Mother

“HACC has given me a reason to keep going on my most difficult days.”

Meet William: Talented HACC Alumnus

“HACC’s biggest value is its flexibility to meet students’ individual needs.”

Meet Celina: Getting Ahead on Healthcare Studies

“I think a lot of people think of HACC as just a community college, but it’s so much more.”

Meet Bethany: Flourishing at HACC

“HACC has provided many opportunities for me to test my limits and regain the confidence that I had lost.”

Meet Tavian: Learning How to Fix Things on His Own

“HACC has made my life better by really giving me guidance into how I want to pursue my future.”

Meet Mikayla: Joining the Ranks of #WomenInTech

“HACC allowed me to find a drive to do my best so I can live my life and prosper.”

Meet Betsy: Full-Time Mother Who Found Positivity at HACC

“The ability to work, be a full-time mother and student is easier due to the cost and location.”

Meet Mary Grace: Alumna Who Gained Confidence at HACC

“HACC has given me countless opportunities for personal growth.”

Meet Naja: HACC Student Who Refuses to Quit

“This is the first time I started an education journey and did not give up.”

Meet Spring: Found Her Fit at HACC

“I can’t wait to see where I transfer to next with my knowledge from HACC.”


Meet Josh: HACC Alumnus Prepared for His Next Steps

“HACC showed me that you can get a degree, locally and at a great cost, which can prepare you for the future in more than one way.” 

Meet Katrina: Proud HACC Community Member

“HACC has the amazing ability to open doors you never knew existed.”

Meet Kevin: Mechanical Engineering Alum

“HACC has enabled me to make meaningful connections on and off campus that give me the potential to get a kick start on my future…”

Meet Abby: Found Her True Passion at HACC

“HACC has allowed me to find my true passion in life!”

Meet Christie: Virtual Student with a Full-Time Job

“[HACC] has proven to me that I can succeed in college even when the odds are against me.”

Meet David: Advancing in a New Career

“HACC will make sure you will succeed. They have a support system that will not let you fail.”

Meet Johnny: Brewing Science Alumnus

“[HACC is] a great way for people to get a higher or continuing education at an affordable price without having to leave their community.”

Meet Quentin: Expressive Student Leader

“I don’t think a lot of people understand that HACC is ‘real’ and the classes are equally as difficult as they are at universities.”