Future students

Meet Andriana: Getting Everything She Needs at HACC


“I have everything that I need here at my house and can get the same quality education, here at home.”

Meet Bailey: Avoids Higher Summer Costs by Coming to HACC


“HACC has made my life better because I am able to take cheap, easy, and transferable credits in order to progress faster in my education.”

Meet Karitza: Student who Transferred to HACC


“I am able to work and attend school full time, it allows me to broaden connections and truly get to know the campus and resources that many times are overlooked.”

Meet Valerie: Proud HACC Hawk


“I say everyone considering college should give our school a try.”

Meet Vanish: Finding HACC Changed His Life


“I know everybody wants to go to a university to get the degree, but let me tell you going to HACC or any community college is never a bad option.”