Paying For School

Tuition Due Dates

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Note: You will not be able to register or view grades/ transcripts if you have outstanding obligations (e.g. debt, overdue books, parking fine, etc.) You must resolve the obligation before registration.

  Summer 2021 Fall 2021 Winter 2020 Spring 2021
Tuition Due in Full May 5 Aug. 4 Dec. 2

Dec. 2

Students may register for classes after the tuition deadline; however, tuition is due, in full, upon registration.
Certificate of Residence Due May 5  Aug. 4  Dec. 2

 Dec. 2

If a Certificate of Residence is not on file with the College by the tuition payment due date, students will be charged the non-sponsoring rate until a valid Certificate of Residence is submitted to the College. 
Classes Dropped for Non-payment May 14 Aug. 13

Dec. 7

Dec. 11

Students who register and fail to meet the tuition payment deadline risk having their registration canceled. The published date is for the first non-payment drop. There are subsequent drops for non-payment throughout the semester.

Tuition Due Dates

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