Programs And Courses

Personal Enrichment

Whether you are looking for a new hobby, or want to spend more time doing a hobby that you already enjoy, HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College has classes for you. These classes vary in length and run continuously throughout the year. Explore YOUR options below!


Aquatics Fitness
We offer many aquatics fitness classes including deep water and shallow water.

View our current Aquatics Fitness classes here.


Glass Lampworking
This workshop is for beginning and intermediate level students and focuses on the art form known as glass lampworking, or creating glass beads through the use of a torch. Students learn to operate a burner torch, how to wind molten glass on a mandrel to create many bead shapes with a variety of decorative techniques. More experienced students will learn and explore advanced techniques including sculptural glass fish, small glass vessels, sculptural and implosion flower pendants, depending on the interest of the students. This class is designed to give you the basic skills while allowing you time to explore new techniques with guidance from the instructor. Supplies will be discussed during the first class and will cost approximately $25.

View our current Glass Lampworking classes here.


We offer a variety of photography classes from Basic Photography to Advanced Lighting. Check out our current listing of classes and learn how capture photographs that will impress.

View our current Photography classes here.

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