Programs And Courses

HACC offers a variety of options to help students transition to college credit-bearing coursework and/or Workforce Development skilled training programs; enter and retain employment; and improve their self-sustainability.

This 50-hour, English language development course covers English reading, writing, listening and speaking skills that are used in everyday communication and for transition into college or the workplace.


What can I do with English as a Second Language in the workforce?

Fluency in the English language opens doors to employment in all industries not only in the United States, but internationally as well.


What are HACC’s classes like?

Classes meet two mornings or two evenings per week and are offered in beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Classes begin three times per year in January, June and September.

To enroll, students must first attend an orientation and take a Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System (CASAS) reading test.


Where are classes held?

Classes are held at HACC’s Midtown Trade and Technology Center (Midtown 1 Building) and Lancaster Campus. We also offer on-site corporate training for businesses.



Adult Basic and Secondary Education/ General Education Diploma (GED) Preparation classes are designed for students who do not have a high school diploma and are seeking to take GED exams in language arts, math, social studies and science.


What can I do with Adult Basic Education and High School Equivalency/GED Preparation in the workforce?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in occupations that typically require a GED or high school diploma for entry, more than 7 million openings are projected each year, on average, from 2016-26. The majority of high school/GED-level occupations occur in the following fields:


  • Construction and Maintenance
  • Healthcare and Personal Care
  • Office and Administrative Support
  • Production and Manufacturing
  • Sales and Transportation


Average annual increase more than individuals without secondary education
(Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

What are HACC’s classes like?

Classes are offered year-round in both the mornings and the evenings two days per week. All classes are conducted in a traditional classroom setting, and all materials are provided by HACC. Adult Basic Education/GED Preparation classes are free.


Where are classes held?

Classes are held at HACC’s Midtown Trade and Technology Center, Midtown 1 Building.


How do I register to take the GED exams?

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions document (pdf).



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Meet Kouassi: ESL and GED Prep program participant

“I knew this program would help me get a better job, enrich my knowledge, help me interact with students and teachers and prepare me for the bigger purpose. I graduated with my GED, and now I am going to college at Penn State Harrisburg with Computer Science as a major.”