HACC Students

Register Online Guide

Learn how to register online. Find information about what you need to do before you register, how to register online and how to pay your tuition.


What do I need to do before I register online?

Before you register online, you need to:

  1. Ensure you can successfully login to myHACC. If you are experiencing problems logging into myHACC, contact the Support Center at (717) 780-2570.
  2. Check your registration status:
  • Login to myHACC.
  • Choose "Registration/Records" tab from the Student Home page.
  • Choose "Check My Registration Status and View Schedules" in the "Registration and Veteran" Information.
  • Select "Prepare for Registration" on the Registration dashboard.

      3.  Contact the Welcome Center if:   

  • You have a financial hold on your account.
  • You have an inactive status. You will need to complete an admission application.    

       4.  Contact your advisor if you have been prompted for an Advising Code.    

       5. Obtain any special override permissions. Submit documentation to the Welcome Center,
           if necessary. Documentation can include the Guest Student Course Approval Form.     


How do I register online?

1. Login to the myHACC portal.  

2. Choose the "Registration/Records" tab on the Student Home page, then select "Browse for
    Classes and Register/Add/Drop " under the Registration and Veteran Information menu.    
  • Select "Register for Classes" on the Registration dashboard.
  • Choose the Term and click Continue.
  • Contact your advisor if you receive a prompt to enter your Advising Code
3. For more information about adding and dropping classes, watch the step-by-step videos.
4. If a course is full, you may choose to join a waitlist. Read more about Waitlisted Courses.  
5. To review your schedule, select the "Schedule and Options" tab on the "Register for Classes"
6. Email a copy of your schedule to your HAWKmail or personal email account by clicking on the
   calendar with an envelope button on the upper right hand corner of the Summary on the
   Schedule and Options page.       
7. To view or print your Schedule/Invoice, return to the myHACC portal Registration/Records tab
    on the Student Home page and click on Schedule Bill Information, View Student Invoice and
    Schedule in the Student Accounts/Bill Information menu.  
8. Verify the status of your Financial Aid by logging in to myHACC and choosing the "Financial 
    Aid" tab on the Student Home page.
9. Pay your bill in full by the tuition due date or sign up for the HACC Payment Plan.


Need help?  Contact your local campus Welcome Center.