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Institutional Research and Assessment

"At its best, institutional research is the center of gravity for all of the university's analytical and decision support activities —the internal and the external, the formative and the summative, the administrative and the academic. By filling these needs, IR illuminates all the institution's endeavors." (Volkwein, Liu &Woodell, 2012)

HACC has joined the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment with the Office of Curriculum Compliance and Assessment. They lead and promote HACC's Institutional Effectiveness efforts. Learn about institutional research and assessment.


What does the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment do?

The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment is a comprehensive resource. We support HACC's community, government agencies and accrediting bodies by:

  • Addressing HACC's informational, data analysis and survey needs.
  • Conducting a wide variety of research. This research focuses on students, staff, outcomes, budget, demographic analysis and projections, accreditation, mandated reports and other college-related studies.
  • Providing information and institutional characteristics to support decision-making needs throughout HACC.
  • Overseeing HACC's assessment management system (TK20).
  • Mining internal data.
  • Obtaining information from government, industry and other resources.
  • Providing statistical analysis and data interpretation.
  • Facilitating research projects and studies across HACC.


How can I get more information?


Who can I contact for more information?


Kim Kelsey 
Assistant Director, Institutional Reporting
Ted Lick Adm Bldg 104A 
Internal extension: 214190 


Amanda Kerstetter 
Research Analyst 
Ted Lick Adm Bldg 104 
Internal extension: 214191 


Linda Mussoline 
Research Specialist 
Ted Lick Adm Bldg 104 
Internal extension: 214192 

Erin Donovan 
Assessment Analyst 
Ted Lick Adm Bldg 104 
Internal extension: 214291 


Steve Barry
Data Warehouse Developer/Analyst 
Ted Lick Adm Bldg 104 
Internal extension: 214109

Volkwein, J.F., Liu, Y., &Woodell, J. (2012). The structure and functions of institutional research offices. In R.D. Howard, G.W. McLaughlin, W.E. Knight, &Associates (Eds.), The handbook of institutional research (pp. 22-39). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.