About HACC
Dr. Ski

Welcome to the 2019-22 strategic plan website for HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College. Over the next three years, our strategic plan will guide the College in an ongoing transformation to better serve learners, employees and our communities. The 2019-22 strategic plan - One College, Uniting for Success - is informed by data, private- and public-sector best practices, recommendations from outside consultants and feedback from individuals around the College.

In addition to a new strategic plan, HACC has adopted a new purpose statement to better represent our role in the community as a provider of quality educational experiences:

Our Purpose: Learning for all; learning for life.  

Why are we using the term “learners?” We are committed to providing an affordable, quality education for all individuals, regardless of their educational journey and goals. They are learning to improve their quality of life – not to just get a good grade. They learn as much inside the classroom as they do outside of it. They are setting the bar. HACC is helping them reach it. We believe the word “learner” better captures this philosophy.

HACC is at a critical moment in its history. Our learners face greater challenges and are more diverse than ever before, funding for higher education continues to decline and enrollment trends continue to trend downward across the country. Our strategic plan is learner-centric and designed to help us innovate to address these significant challenges.

HACC will focus on the following strategic commitments to help learners reach their goals throughout 2019-22:

  1. Attract and Enroll Learners
  2. Retain Learners and Foster Completion
  3. Sustain the College’s Resources

I invite you to visit this site regularly to see how we are progressing, ask questions and provide feedback.

Thank you!

John J. “Ski” Sygielski, Ed.D.
President, HACC, Central Pennsylvania's Community College