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Public Safety and Security Services 

Learn about the services of the Public Safety and Security department. 


Photo IDs and Parking Permits 

***Please note: Student ID Cards and Parking Permits are now issued at your campus Welcome Center***

You will need your HACC Photo ID for many purposes. This includes purchasing / returning books, accessing labs, using the Evans gym, signing out books from HACC campus libraries, financial aid and welcome center transactions, among others. 

HACC requires all students, faculty, and staff to register their vehicles. Vehicle registration allows us to notify the owner of emergencies or other circumstances that may affect their vehicle. 

When you register for classes, your Welcome Center will assist you in obtaining a HACC Photo ID and Parking Permit. 

Bring your: 

  • Current class schedule 
  • Valid driver's license 
  • Valid vehicle registration 

Getting your HACC Photo ID takes only a few minutes. It is free for the first issue. HACC charges a $5 replacement fee for a lost or damaged Photo ID. 



We can provide uniformed personnel to escort you. These uniformed personnel will escort you between on-campus parking areas and campus buildings. You can choose a vehicle or on-foot escort. 

You can request an escort by: 

  • Calling your campus DPSS phone number  
  • Activating the nearest callbox on campus

Access to facilities 

Students, faculty, staff and members of the public have access to most HACC facilities during operating hours. Some facilities are secure. These include smart classrooms and labs. We keep these facilities locked unless they are in use or monitored. 

The Public Safety and Security Department is responsible for providing access to secured facilities. We provide access to HACC community members who have proper authorization. 

Contact the campus Public Safety and Security office if you need to access a secure building after hours or on a holiday. We will make arrangements for access based on need. 

HACC has no student residential facilities. 


Jump starts and lockouts 

You may contact the Public Safety and Security Department if you: 

  • Are unable to start your vehicle 
  • Have locked yourself out of your vehicle while on campus 

We will not attempt to unlock a vehicle equipped with power locks or side curtain airbags. We can: 

  • Provide jumper cables and portable battery packs for jumpstarts 
  • Contact an automotive repair facility, tow service, or locksmith as necessary 


Lost and found program 

The Public Safety and Security Department administers the lost and found program. If you find lost property on campus, turn it in to the Public Safety and Security Department. We will record and store it. 

Check with the Public Safety and Security office at your campus location for any property you may have lost. 

Contact the main lost and found desk by calling 717-780-2620. 


Information Center (Harrisburg Campus) 

We established the information center to help the HACC community locate and use college services. The Information Center is located at the Harrisburg campus. 

The Information Center staff includes college employees and student workers. The Director of Public Safety and Security manages this staff. 

Information Center services include:  

  • Directions and assistance
  • Lost and found administration 
  • Temporary permits for overnight or handicapped parking 

Contact us at 717-780-2300 (switchboard) or 717-780-2620. 


Safety and Security training and awareness 

The Safety and Security Department provides safety and security training. We can train staff, faculty and students. Topics include:  

  • Crime prevention
  • Active threat / shelter in place
  • Emergency procedures

Contact your campus DPSS office to schedule a presentation for your campus organizations. 

We distribute additional safety and security information via:  

Firearms and other weapons 

HACC AP 324 broadly prohibits the carrying and use of firearms or other weapons on any HACC campus. This includes college-owned or controlled property. This policy also includes students, visitors, staff and faculty. A valid Pennsylvania License to Carry Firearms does not exempt the holder from this policy. 

AP 324 specifically exempts pepper/OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) spray from the definition of a weapon. Students, visitors, staff and faculty may possess and carry pepper spray on HACC campuses. It is for the purposes of lawful self-defense. 

HACC Public Safety and Security Officers are armed and certified to carry weapons on campus in the course of their duties. 

The policy also provides exemptions to allow firearms and other weapons to be brought onto the Harrisburg Campus. Exemptions are only for the specific purpose of: 

  • Act 120 
  • Act 44 and Act 235 training 
  • Other authorized training conducted at the Shumaker and Piccola Public Safety Centers 

You must obtain permission from the Public Safety and Security Department of your local campus if: 

  • You want to use an item for visual aid during a classroom presentation that may be considered a weapon. 
  • You wish to request exemption from the prohibition on carrying weapons. (NOTE: This is generally a courtesy extended only to off duty law enforcement)

View the full text of AP 324.