What is HAWKMail?

All credit and workforce development students admitted to HACC, Central Pennsylvania's Community College are assigned an official college HAWKMail email account.

Your HAWKMail is a free Google Mail (Gmail) account that HACC will use to email students about:

  • class registration
  • financial aid information
  • student account information
  • graduation information
  • academic status and more
  • important course information from HACC faculty

As a HACC student, it is important that you check your HAWKMail often for important announcements and official college correspondence.  If you previously provided a personal email account to HACC, we will no longer use that email account to communicate with you as a currently enrolled student. All future correspondence from HACC will come through your HAWKMail account.

Be aware that e-mail communications are in general considered non-secure.  HACC is not responsible for any information you include in your emails.  HACC personnel will make every attempt not to include any of your personal identifiable information in emails to you. 

All students will be required to adhere to the Gmail Program Policies as explained on your Create an Account screen. If a student is found to be in violation of Google or college policies at any time, Google may suspend or terminate your account, and the College may pursue disciplinary action.

Additional information including Frequently Asked Questions and HAWKMail tutorials can be found below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go to login to my HAWKMail?
Login to your myHACC account using the information provided to you upon admission to the college. After logging in to the portal, click on the HAWKMail link located in the left side menu of the screen and you will automatically be signed in to your official HAWKMail account.

What is my myHACC username and password?
Your username was provided to you upon admission to the college. If you have forgotten your user name or have misplaced your admissions letter, contact the campus Welcome Center by calling 1-800-ABC-HACC, choose your campus, and select option 2.

What is my HAWKMail email address?
Your HAWKMail address will be [myhacc_username]@HAWKMail.hacc.edu (ex: abc1234@HAWKMail.hacc.edu ). You can locate your HAWKMail address in myHACC under your Personal Information.

Does HAWKMail need to be capitalized?
No.  The College prefers to publicize it as HAWKMail, but you may use @ hawkmail.hacc.edu when having email sent to your account.

What is my HAWKMail password?
Your HAWKMail account is accessed through the myHACC portal; therefore, your HAWKMail and myHACC passwords are the same.

What can I use my HAWKMail for?
You can use your HAWKMail account for all your needs. But most importantly, we want you to use it when you are communicating with staff, faculty and other students. The College will use this email account to communicate with you regarding such things as your registration, financial information, and academic status. HACC faculty will also be provided with this email to communicate with you regarding your coursework. It is important that you check your account often for important announcements and official college correspondence. 

You can also use your HAWKMail account to register to get a free subscription of Microsoft Office 365. More information about this can be found in our Technical Support page under Microsoft Office 365.

Am I required to use my HAWKMail account?
Yes, because it enables us to ensure you get all email communication intended for you from HACC and from your instructors.

Can I use my own email account to receive email from the college?
No. Using our email system ensures we can communicate with our students all the time. You can, however, forward email from HAWKMail account to another email account that you specify. See How To Forward HAWKMail (pdf).

Can I forward email from my HAWKMail account to another email account?
Yes, Gmail lets you automatically forward incoming mail to another address. See How To Forward HAWKMail (pdf).

Can I access HAWKMail on a mobile device?
There are different ways to access email on a mobile device, and depending on which method you go with, not all features will be supported.  Visit Google mobile support at http://www.google.com/support/mobile/ and check to see if your mobile device is supported. 

How much space do I have in my HAWKMail account?
You will have 7355 MB of space; however, as Google adds more space, you will have additional space.

Can I use my HAWKMail account when I am off campus?
Yes, because it is an Internet web mail service, you can use it anywhere that you have Internet access. Be sure to select the right type of computer when you login; public or private.